Our Capacity Statements

The mission of HPP-Congo is to initiate development activities and work together with the people of Congo to improve their lives. In particular, HPP-Congo wants to work together with the Poor and vulnerable in the rural areas and in the cities of DR Congo. We see it as our mission is to be part of a development where people play the leading role in all decisions relating to their local communities. Through these actions the families strengthen their capacity to analyze their environment to identify constraints and opportunities and to plan and implement activities to improve living conditions and create their individual and collective development.
HPP- Congo’s overall objective is to contribute significantly to the reduction of poverty among rural and urban families and promote sustainable development that manifest itself in better living conditions.

The presence of Humana People to People Congo in DR Congo is an expression of international solidarity, of unity of hearts and minds with the Congolese people in the struggle for social and economic progress.
The mission of HPP-Congo is carried out when we work together with the communities where our projects operate. It is through the many activities in the projects that the force and energy of the men and women in Congo create development through production. The families who implement the activities are organized and become the driving force in making and carrying out their own plans in a spirit of initiative, responsibility and knowledge sharing. The communities become the leaders of creating change through their own involvement and motivation to take upon themselves the responsibilities to create better lives, not only for their own family, but for the entire community.

HPP- Congo’s also aims at serving populations affected by hunger, war, natural disasters, epidemics and other man-made disasters. HPP-Congo will work with people to relocate and rebuild the areas affected by these disasters.


Declaration of Capacity


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