Farmers Club

The general idea of the Farmers Clubs program is to organize small farmers to increase their capacity, share knowledge and resources to improve agricultural production and living standards through training and by practicing sustainable farming methods. Increase the revenues and expand the marketing of products at good prices. By their model, the farmers are organized in 20 clubs of 50 farmers each. 5 clubs or 250 farmers form a project. Each club elects a management committee who is training in communication and coordination of activities. Each project has Farmers’ Instructor provides lessons and assists the clubs through monitoring and education and other activities. He lives in the area, supports farmers in their fields and visits the households to know the farmers situation and needs and is active in finding solutions to the farmers’ problems to increase the production.


HPP-Congo currently has four farmers clubs, namely:
-Farmers’ Clubs Gemena with 1.000 farmers
-Farmers’ Clubs Equateur with 3.000 farmers
-Farmers’ Clubs Madimba with 1.000 farmers
-Farmers’ Clubs Ubangi with 14.000 farmers

Farmers Clubs

The general idea of Farmers Clubs program is that farmers are organized into community groups to practice: farming techniques, profitable farming methods , conservation and diversification. The objective of this program is aimed at the improvement of living conditions  through increasing production, improving farmer income and nutrition of farmer’s families. The program " Farmers’ Clubs ' is executed for agricultural and institutional strengthening in the context of poverty reduction .

In DR Congo , the program has four projects, which are executed in two provinces:

Equateur :
3 Projects that implements Farmers Clubs are;

  • Clubs Farmers Gemena working with 1000 farmers funded by Stichting Holland ( Netherlands) ,
  • Farmers’ Clubs Equateur with 3,000 farmers financed by AECID ( Spanish Government )
  • Farmers’ Clubs Ubangi with 14,000 farmers with the support of the Congolese Government through its Ministry of Agriculture ( PARRSA ).

Bas-Congo :

  • Hpp Congo runs 1 project With the support of Stichting Holland , activities Clubs Farmers Madimba and works with 1,000 farmers.

Beside these 4 projects , HPP- Congo is working with  nutrition supporting 10,000 farmers and their families through improving  marketing of agricultural products , with WWF reserve of Luki .

In the Equateur and Kinshasa Province, HPP Congo works together with 800 gardeners. In all these projects, more than half of the farmers are women. This makes a total of 19,800 farmers in the Famers’ Clubs program in HPP Congo

Program activities

With a holistic approach to rural development, Farmers Clubs program has introduced new farming methods , including conservation agriculture , promotion of improved varieties and crop diversification . The program includes the promotion of rational use of natural fertilizers to balance between the soil organic nutrients compared and the synthetic chemical fertilizers. The program encourages reforestation and especially gives the importance of the trees to every person. The farmers learn about new methods to avoid flooding or drought. So that means, Every farmer is actively involved in environmental protection .

The Farmers Clubs program is particularly interested in the impact of agriculture and also in the fight against global warming, pollution and degradation through using methods that improve environmental and soil enrichment that also includes the planting of trees.

In addition, Farmers Clubs program provides a platform to address other problems that adversely affect agriculture and food security as the impact of HIV / AIDS and malaria through agricultural methods . Basic health are well integrated into the program through improved nutrition , hygiene, environmental management and sanitation. In order to meet a great handicap in achieving the objectives, the program provides literacy courses in learning to read , write and calculate and allows beneficiaries to well balance the techniques learned to practice without hindrance.

Project Organizational Structure

In the program , farmers are organized in clubs 50 members each. 5 Clubs with 250 farmers form a project overseen by a Project Leader who provides lessons and assist each club through monitoring, education and other activities of the club. The Project Leader lives with farmers and assists them in their individual fields and through daily household visits knows well the reality and needs.

In this way the purpose of the organization of farmers clubs is to facilitate interconnection and exchange of information and mutual support , and also to allow the improve the resources to support the marketing and financing.



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