Presentation of HPP Congo

HPP- Congo works together with communities to promote social and economic development, and works towards a society in which communities are self-sufficient and able to improve their life. HPP- Congo put focus on education, agriculture, environment, health and community development.

HPP- Congo currently runs 10 projects across four provinces of Congo (Kinshasa , Katanga, Equateur and Bas- Congo) , employs nearly 170 people and more than 250,000 people benefit from the activities .At the DNS teacher training college, HPP-Congo trains another kind of teacher ready to work as teacher in the rural primary schools and as agent of development. The teacher training college which started in 2012 has 31 students, who will graduate in April 2012 to take up positions as teachers in the rural areas. HPP-Congo runs 4 Farmers’ Clubs projects with a total of 19800 farmers in the Equateur and Bas-Congo provinces organized to increase production and improve food security. HPP-Congo also runs a value chain and nutrition program for 10,000 farmers in the Bas-Congo province in cooperation with WWF. HPP-Congo operates 2 Child Aid projects in the Equateur province and in Kinshasa with 9,800 families. In Kinshasa, HPP-Congo also trains 18,000 young people between 12 and 24 years in the project Youth Prepare your Future to manage to promote a culture of savings and to manage one’s own economy.

HPP-Congo is a member of REEJER, Reseau des Educateurs des Enfants et Jeunes de la Rue, and a member of the Local Education Group (COMCON) under Global Partnership for Education.




News from the projects

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