Support program to Food Security, Agricultural and Rural Governance in the districts of Boma and Bas-Fleuve.

Implemented by HPP-Congo since 2013, this program supports 10,000 farmers organized in Local Development Committees (LDC), in the commercialization of agricultural products and family’s nutrition. The project is financed by WWF thanks to funds received from the European Union.
The project contributes to the food security of the populations bordering the Luki Biosphere Reserve (LBR) by increasing agricultural production and strengthening the sectors and the capacities of actors in agricultural and rural governance for increased nutritional quality and stable prices on the markets of Boma and Bas-Fleuve districts. HPP-Congo has set itself two goals to achieve these ends:

  • Improved farm incomes through a common commercialization system (11,520T of agricultural products transported and sold to Kinshasa)
  • Nutritional education of families on the periphery of the LBR (70% of target families apply improved cooking practices).

The common commercialization system works well thanks to:

  • Marketing infrastructures such as the hangars set up to park agricultural production to be transported to Kinshasa;
  • Running funds for the operation of the truck transporting farmers' products to Kinshasa;
  • Purchase and management of trucks for input distribution and commercialization;
  • The establishment of a market price collection system to support the management of the commercialization in common;


Similarly, the nutritional education of families on the periphery of the LBR has been effective thanks to:

  • The capacities building of LDCs in nutritional aspects and key family practices (training in nutrition and key family practices, organization of technical workshops and the development of technical fact sheets in nutrition);
  • Nutritional and socio-economic surveys carried out;
  • Support the production and reforestation of fruit trees with high nutritional values;
  • Support to the processing of local agricultural products

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